First Game
Party encountered kobold kites being pulled by large magically altered bats.
The character’s missiles and spells quickly dispatched the kobold scouts and discovered a map of the surrounding area.
Following the map, they ambushed a goblin war party (20) searching for survivors from a local enslaved farm. Three goblins escaped while the group was hunting down a fleeing troll.
Following the trail found a small farm town where the goblinoid forces enslaved the populace to grow supplies for the army.
The player’s quickly freed the slaves while overcoming a small force of goblins and three Cursed Treants.

The slaves could make the three day trek back to Qualsten, although that fortification is already overrun with refugees.
Another contingent of goblins is only 1-2 days away.

If the party can intercept this army troop, it could allow the refugees to head for the safety of the fort.
This will also move them a day closer to the officially contested front line.

Creature Size Lvl Hits AT Spd Attacks Special
Troll L 7 150 11(20) F 90LgClw60/50LgBi40 Regen 3hit/rnd. 2Consec. LgCl then 80LgBi

Orc M 3 45 1(10) M 35Wpn85/25SmBsh15
Fighter M 6 75 1(10) M 60Wpn85/30SmBsh15
Commander L 10 110 1(10) F 90Wpn95/40MBsh5

Game 3 (12/20/09)
The party decides to split forces, Brady’s Magent and Andy M’s Fighter escort the villagers to Fort Qualsten; 2 days there, 2 days back.
The rest of the group advance down the road ¼ mile to set up an ambush for the goblin contingent.
With bear traps, caltrops and punji spikes, the party hides behind a blind for cover awaiting the war band. Their plan is only slightly foiled as 4 large bat familiars observe from the skies. Advance shock troops, Trolls and evil Goblin Rangers attack the party from the woods, not the road.
15 additional goblin troops attack by the road while 4 goblin Magicians observe spy the party through bat familiars.
After the battle, Till’s Paladin Detects Enemies 450’ ahead; 9th level (x4). While relaying this information, Any Soldati’s Mage, snatches a Necklace of Missiles (+30 EAR Fireballs) with 3 red rubies remaining on a leather cord. It appears that the necklace had 5 rubies at one time.. (The leather is woven Achilles tendons from 3 elf maidens. The rubies are from mines in the Horned Society.)

One magical Leather Jerkin (AT5) that protects as a Chain Shirt (AT13). It weighs 8 lbs and had a
+10 DB bonus before the Lightning Bolt from Andy S’s Mage… This is unlikely to be repaired any time soon. The “leather” is actually specially cured Treant hide. If Treants (-20 Observation) detect this for what it is, they will likely be unfriendly to the wearer.

3 Scimitars +10 (Q): These are very similar in craftsmanship. A full Observation may detect fine marks on the blades. These indicate (in Orc) that they were crafted by the Shield Breaker clan of what was once the Horned Society.

Ring of Dwarf Sight (and Fear of Swimming): Allows the wearer to see 50’ in the poorest light as full daylight and fairly well up to 100’. The user can also “see” 10’ in total darkness. A side effect of this ring causes the wearer to develop anxiety over swimming; -25 to Swim skill unless wearer can make a Hard SD Static Maneuver (Roll d% + (3 x SD bonus)).

The four 9th level threats that Till’s Paladin detected are Grey Orc spell casters.
Each one had a bat familiar and all are at -25 to all actions because of losing them to the elemental.
The casters were involved in a ritual to mind/pattern store the group and send this directly to their superiors. The players have eliminated 5 orc patrols and cut off supplies by freeing the villagers at the farm.

1) What would the orcs do next? 2) Need character sheets for the orcs, spell lists, equipment, etc… 3) Since they have sent the info about the party, are the casters now expendable? 4) Knowing that they’re unlikely to get support and knowing the threat level of the party, would they just start summoning demons?

The group is almost at the front lines. They are causing a huge disturbance in elemental summoning and attack spells. Patrols go missing occasionally, but the party has killed over 50 orcs, goblins, kobolds, trolls and three cursed Treants. All of the troops in this area of the forest are lead by one commander. They report to the Iuz priest in charge of this area. Now that the priest has their pattern stored, it will be much easier to scry their location and send reinforcements.
After dispatching the casters, the demon fled instead of appearing.
The casters were enacting a Mind Typing Ritual and having the demon relay it back to a cleric of Iuz. The Dryad, Foxx, told Tom’s character of the Mind Typing and through Cancel Channeling, the party was able to break the spells. However, the party has all been typed! They will need some form of mind/though shield.

Game 4:
Party encountered gnoll patrols and maintained a course of the Mystics divination; “Where are the bats originating?”

Fifth Game: (Feb 14, 2010)
The party found an old copper mine with signs of many bats inside. After dispatching 3 gnoll guards, they explored a bit. During the combat, Till’s Paladin disappeared (A nearby wisewoman Halfling cast summon fey to assist in fending off an attack.).
The party explored the side passage to reveal an underground lake and encountered a “Watcher in the water”. After a tough battle of fumbles, they defeated the watcher. Our Mage then used his air elemental to help explore the water. Casting Long Breath, Detect Essence and Watervision, he entered the water. The water was extremely cold (25% movement) and after 20’ became ~ 20’ deep. This was as far as he could take the cold and the pressure, but another 40’ showed signs of Essence magic in the mud. Having his Air Elemental enter the water and bring the “treasure”, he awaited his prize. Soon, a pair of skeleton hands was being propelled, by the Elemental, towards his throat. At 20’, he exploded the servant, (while Long dooring out of the water, back to the bank) destroying one of the skeleton’s legs. It still crawled, and hopped, underwater, closer. The skeleton then cast Death Cloud II, but the party managed to clear the area before it formed. This is when they learned that it was really a Type VI skeletal Lich, 15th level (5 levels weaker than average). The Cleric promptly Repulsed it. Finished off by the Air Elemental, the mage had it gather the entire bundle and drop it on the bank, bones and all.

The Lesser Lich (standard Lich stats, but 5 levels lower) will reform in 24 hours and seek vengeance on the party. It wants the magic items returned! It can only travel ~100 miles from its’ soul object

Chainmail, AT 16 (+20), Bone Regeneration (Constant)
Shield +20 Casts Shield (rear, flank, flank) 3x/day. Must be repaired, no handle inside; leather straps rotted.
Belt +10 DB
Ring of Darkness (30 PP) 6X/day. The 30 PP are only used for the ring, for casting the spell and enhancing affects.
The ring casts Darkness at 12th level for affects.

GM needs to…
Finish detailing copper mine. This is the place spawning all the modified bat familiars. If the party can shut this down, then bat kites and bat familiars will seriously reduce in scope.
Iuz will then have to use flying animated skulls!

This area is defended by medium-sized Gnoll tribe.
Need: One advanced Amalgam Caster
work up lab/breeding area
Gnoll barracks and patrols
Need a few bat type demons…
The Orc spell casters were from another location, but their Familiars came from here.
Coins from this area should be from Horned Lands, Iuz and even the Wolf Nomads.
Starcloak; electrum, Celene

Game 6 (4/11/10)
(Brady’s Magent guarded the intrance as he was absent) The group was able to overcome the remaining Gnolls left at the huts in the cavern. There were 4 with swords and 3 using Longbows.
The Gnoll’s hut contained one locked chest of 10 bars silver. Each bar weighs 10 lbs which they divided 2/person. They are stamped with the Wheat sheaf of Furyond. The silver appears to be official payment.

Sixth Game : (March 14, 2010)
The party had examined the mine further capturing a gnoll guard and finding the open pit operation. Reconnoitering revealed a wooden doorway that the gnoll described as “pain”. Voices were heard from beyond, or at least one voice having a conversation with others. “Yes my pets, what do you smell?” The chattering of many teeth and heavy hooves clopping from the other side. “Fine, go around the other way.. see what it is!” The party believes that an Iuz Cleric and at least one demon are beyond. They have touched the door; nothing happened. The door is very cold.
The voice belongs to His Malevolence Droffgropp Skreeld. This large man is of Northman stock and powerfully built. Droff is a Cleric of Iuz and an Amalgam caster; responsible for the bat-like creatures popular in the area. He has no small ability to summon demonic aid and has a veritable swarm of Screaming Skulls.

Tlaque (I) 1-9 180/900(10) +8 Init -1Crit 80C 4(30) 60MCl(2x)/55MBi/Special 1-20 – C Hostile(LO)
skin and bat wings are white, bovine heads, shrill screech 10’ RR vs Fear (stn 1 rnd/10 failure)

Screaming Skulls attacked the party, invisibly and silent until they came w/in 50’. 5 attacked from one direction and 7 from the other end of the passage. The great Droffgropp Skreeld was eliminated by a SM’d 10 rad Lightning Bolt while he was hiding (Unseen III) and directing the Skull pack. Andy “00” on Power Perception noticed the Cleric and learned Unseen III at the same time!
5 rounds after his death, a Tlaque Demon used the corpse as a vessel, giving the party a real battle.
Andy again, rolls phenomenally well and remembers that this sort of demon rarely travels alone. Remembering why the party originally entered the mine, they decide to kill off all of the bats. . Mack examines the cave roof granting a 30% bonus to Area of Effect for Terry’s spells. Breaking out into a discussion about whether to Suddenlight /Fireball the lot or Crackscall the roof of the cavern, another Tlaque demon bursts out of Terry’s magically stuck door. The demon’s scream is answered by another from the limestone tunnels in the roof of the cavern. This is also how the bats enter and exit the mine.
Andy casts Fly III SM’d to 10 rad and moves the entire party outside and above the roof of the cave in 3 rounds. Terry begins his Crackscall and makes 6 out of 7 rolls. The demon comes out of the cave mouth only to be hit by Tom’s bow and attacked by Andy’s Air Elemental. Together, the party is able to damage and immobilize the demon as it plummets 25’ to the ground below. An enormous sinkhole opens up from Terry’s spells and collapses the center of the cavern roof. Soon, more areas collapse until it follows all the way to the river. Water pours into the cavern complex and diverts course from its riverbed.

The mine is impossibly flooded and the cavern will no longer host bats or be used as a lab for Amalgam creatures.

The bats required actual tons of insects for food each night. This area will become infested with stinging and biting swarms in just a few days.

Although a small, unknown river, this joined other waters to grow into the mighty Att River that pours past Dyvers and ends in the Nyr Dyv. Before that, however, it did flow to a few small wells in the area.
Local small towns may have their water sources significantly restricted.

Game 7 : (6/6/10)
“The party moves on from the area, knowing that you’ve done a grave blow to Iuz and his minions.
Moving along a covered path, the PC’s find an overgrown road. This was likely a road for delivering the copper ore/ingots to be worked in neighboring towns.

On the road, they discover a mounted patrol..

(If Difficult Awareness is made) You hear the approach of horses and the chink of armored riders.
The riders wear an insignia of a golden stag’s antlers on a black background or brown antlers on a blue field. This is displayed on their armor and shields.
There are 17 riders in all.

Plate (2 human and 3 elves) or Chain (4 human and 3 elves) and 5 (humans) in Leather on lighter horses. The elves are of Velune/High Forest and the humans of Furyond (worshiping Rao, St. Cuthbert, or Heironeous )
They are advance scouts making their way towards Gerrenkzerung. This is a large orc camp and halfway point for shuttling troops from Izlen to the front lines. The knight’s purpose is the nor-eastern border of “Old Wicked”. These knights believe that securing the southern shores of Whyestil Lake would be more prudent.

The Knights of the Hart generally regard the Knights of Holy Shielding, the Shield Land émigrés, with contempt. They see the pride and incompetence of the Shield Land leaders during the war as culpable, and consider the Knights of Holy Shielding “witless intruders.” Some are incensed that Belvor made Count Artur Jakartai (a very powerful Knight of Holy Shielding) ruler of Crystalreach, and have expressed their discontent to Belvor in person and in the Knightly Conclave. King Belvor offered the assistance of Furyondy to the Shield Land leaders during the war. They refused his help, and many regard this as the main reason why the Shield Lands fell quickly during the Greyhawk Wars.
They argue for an offensive to recapture lost land. King Belvor may have taken this to heart. He has proclaimed a perpetual and never ending war with Old Wicked, and just recently has begun to mobilize forces into the lands of Iuz, primarily around Molag.
The Knights of Furyondy are the largest of the three orders, with 169 knights at its command. The primary concern now is the recruitment of new knights, without lowering their standards. This is due to the deaths of around fifty knights in the Greyhawk Wars and the Great Northern Crusade. Their coat of arms is a pair of antlers on azure.
Knights of Veluna

Knights Size Lvl Hits AT Spd Attacks Special
3 Elves M 9 150 17(20) M 120LB (60)/BS80
3 Elves M 7 150 13(20) M 100LB (60)/BS70

Knights of Furyond
Knights Size Lvl Hits AT Spd Attacks Special
Knights M 8 150 19(20) M 120BS (85)/80Mace(15)
Cavalier M 7 140 19(20) M 100BS (90)/60Mace(10)


1st Squire M 5 109 8(30) M 95Wpn(85)/93SBow(15) 2nd Squire M 4 95 8(30) M 35Wpn(85)/25SmBsh15

3rd/4th Squire M 4 85 8(20) M 35Wpn(85)/25SmBsh15
5th Squire M 2 60 8(20) M 50LSwd(85)/45Handaxe(15)

Knights had planned to escort PC’s as far as the orc camp of Gerrenkzerung. An attack by 3 wyverns broke ranks and the Knights encouraged the party to run. Andy’s Mage thought this highly inconsistent with Knightly behavior.. Why wouldn’t the warriors want to fight; why would they run away? They claimed that if they were seen, then the beasts would report their positions to the enemy. I don’t think the group believed them. The knights fled and Andy ’ported the party to just outside of Izlen (he had been there before- character background).

Izlen rules the Iuz-controlled northeastern end of the Vesve Forest and west coast of Whyestil Lake. High Priestess Halga (CE female human Clr19 of Iuz), of Iuz’s Greater Boneheart, is the ruler. Izlen’s nonhuman forces, under Panshazek the Vile (CE male human Clr15 of Iuz), battle the Vesve elves and assorted forces of Philidor the Blue (NG male human? Wiz20+), a mysterious archmage who appeared in the Flanaess less than a decade ago. Philidor has been little seen since the Great Northern Crusade, but peculiar spells and magical constructs undoubtedly of his creation cause great trouble for orcs in the woodlands. Izlen (pop. 2,500)
Meeting of Attacking Izlen by Thrommel to the Knight assembly.
Izlen is a stronghold commanding the mouth of the Dulsi River, where it empties into the Whystil. The Old One has a ramshackle fortification there, centered on a sorcerous structure known as the Tower of Fear 2. As Thrommel explains it, Izlen is the main launching point for Iuzian troops entering the Vesve. It, and a nearby port town, are also the base of operations for Iuzian ships in the Western Whystil. Thus, the site is of immense strategic importance to Iuz, yet it is so far from Dorakaa that it is entirely responsible for its own defense. In the previous two years, Furyondian forces (including elves from the Vesve) have rolled back the Iuzian troops near Izlen, so that an assault on the stronghold itself is now possible. It is Thrommel’s hope at this conference to get the Alliance Nations to agree to the capture of Izlen.

When Thrommel states this goal outright, there is a murmur of protest throughout the general assembly. No one is surprised by the announcement itself – most had heard rumors of it long before they left their homelands. But the directness of Thrommel’s speech, the lack of the usual diplomatic flattery and obfuscation, are unexpected.

Thrommel waits briefly for the murmurs to subside. He counters, “I am aware that this is unprecedented. I know that this august body is a defensive alliance, and I am calling for offensive action. But please, noble sirs, hear me out.”

He pauses again, waiting for the full attention of all. “This is not conquest for which I call. This is not occupation of land – no fiefs will come from this, not for Furyondy or other nations. This is a pre-emptive defense. This is a call for one strike, one blow, that will make us all safer.”

“The capture of Izlen, and the taking of its fortification as our own, will be of immense utility. If we hold this point, the Old One will be unable to supply his armies in the Vesve. He will be forced to withdraw thousands of troops. His ability to menace settlements along the Whystil coast will be crippled. The Vesve will be immediately safer. Furyondy troops now in the Vesve could then be used as scouts in Ket or the Bandit Lands.”

“If we hold Izlen, the Old One’s ships must sail from Dorakaa. His ability to act effectively in the western Whystil will be greatly reduced. Crockport will be safer from both land and sea. Furyondy naval forces now defending that city could be moved to the Veng River, to counter the Horned Society.”

“There is even the hope of weakening two of our enemies. If we take Izlen, if we hold it strongly, the Old One will be unable to advance in the west. If he yearns for conquest, he will have nowhere to advance but east – and this could bleed the Horned Society. We know that the Old One is no friend of the Hierarchs, and that they have fought in the past.”

“This is what I am suggesting – a bold strike that will improve the defenses of all of our lands.”

Game 8: Never Split the Party
Encountering refugees fleeing the Old One’s minions, Brady, Terry, Andy M volunteer to escort them to ‘Fort’ Qualsten. Halfway there, a Ranger Patrol volunteers to take on the protection of the beleaguered woodsmen. They return to the rendezvous point and track the party to the site of the wyvern attack.

Signs of Battle:
“You see the signs of a battle had taken place here. Or more precisely, a route. At least 10 horses with riders moved to this spot at a steady pace. Then tracks go all over the place in the clearing. Fair sized trees were pushed in and something(s) broke through the trees toward the clearing. There is a patch of ground swept clean in the center of the clearing (from a Teleport spell). The horse tracks follow a break in the trees and there is distance between the tracks (they ran out of the area).

One survivor is hiding under the roots of a fallen tree (it was pushed over in the attack). His horse was knocked from beneath him and he fell into the hole. The wyvern used the tree as a table to eat the horse and blood poured down, covering the young knight’s scent. He was knocked unconscious and is awakened by the party.
Although most of his hits are healed, his wounds are still severe; crushed lft arm (-20), concussion (-10), broken rt leg (-15).
Squire lvl4 hits85/60 AT8 80Wpn(85)/55SmBsh(15)

Jozanth will relate what he can of the attack, although he did not witness his comrades fleeing and will assume the two wyverns have eaten them and the horses. He cautions that they have encountered these specific beasts before and are acting akin to Familiars to Mages under the Old One. They defeated a young wyvern, and were later ambushed by an orc patroll led by a Priestess of Iuz. The Priestess had blood stained robes and was wielding a huge flaming sword in both hands. Half their numbers were killed. By the way they were ambushed, he assumed that the band knew of their location and direction. The Vile Woman of the Devil God also controlled a young wyvern, slain by the knights, which greatly distressed the Priestess and caused her to flee..
Jozanth can describe how he witnessed the party disappear after the attack amongst much shouting in elvish. Sadly, he is still learning that language and couldn’t understand the words.
He will relate that his troop was headed to Gerrenkzerung for recon of the orcish forces, and the Party was making way to Izlen.

It may be possible to discern the direction of Andy S’s Teleport spell through Divination or some similar means.

I need to get the party back together!!

Game 9: (8/29/10)
Last game the party was reunited when the Mage Teleported the group back to the rendezvous point. Remember that the party had split to help escort woodmen refugees from the outer Vesve
The party is back together, all but Andy’s Mage who Teleported to Qualsten, passing on intell to the Rangers there.
Jozanth would like to track his fellow knights to Gerrenkzerung. He can escort the party that far, unless they talk him into another plan of action.
The party had tracked bear to resupply their meager food reserves. Terry had actually found an old hermit that told him of the bear and a honey tree in the area. Terry and Mack went “Frenzy” to fight the bear. Dragging everything back to camp,
Jozanth was asked to prepare the meat. He was skilled in cooking, having been trained as a squire.
After the group had filled their bellies with meat and foraged nuts and berries, they were attacked by a Wyvern.
Killing the Wyvern revealed that it was a familiar to a Essence caster in a tree/house covered in cobwebs.
The party divined his general location, 2 days away.

Backtracking the beast’s trail through the woods for nearly 2 days, the party came across an ambushed wagon.
The horses had been killed with orc arrows through their heads and the wagon linkage was crushed by a rock. The rock trap was suspended from an overhead limb.
A bed of unnaturally quick growing moss had been used to cover the wagon tracks and rigor hadn’t set in to the animals.
A web of silk cocooned a richly dressed wine merchant who still had all of his possessions; jeweled dagg +10 (q), strong box of coins and 2 hefty coin pouches.
Soft boot prints led to a nearby tree.
The wine merchant had been bitten by many large spiders and was at his last breath as the party arrived. Perhaps if they hadn’t spent 20 minutes sneaking up on the scene…
Andy had his Earth Elemental fell the tree where the prints stopped and found it was topped with cobwebs. He cast Detect Essence at least 3x, just to be sure…
The merchant was returning from delivering a wine shipment when he was ambushed. Orcs dropped the horses and the rock trap took care of the wagon. The orcs were under strict orders to move on after the fight.
The spiders used the merchants body to practice their bites.

Game 10 (9/27/10)

The trail forks onto a little used road.
(Tracking will reveal that wagons have passed very recently and many others about a week ago.)
The woods are broken by rolling hills and you can see stone buildings in the distance.
(The stone buildings are 1-2 story structures about ½ mile away.)
Past the small town you can just detect the glimmer of a lake through the trees.
(If the party approaches closer, they can tell that this road will lead into the middle of the wooded town.
Following the road, yo can see several small stone buildings and larger structures, possibly barns, built from huge timbers.
A sweet fruity scent is carried by the breeze, with an after thought of rotting fruit.

Leaving the forest, your road ends in a small town. A wide but slow river almost parallels the road, 500’ away. East
The town is composed of some 20 residential houses scattered on either side of the road that leads down into the center of a small valley. Gently rolling hills rise on either side of the town, opening the sky until the Vesve closes again. The hill slopes are planted with vines ordered on rows of fences and supports. A few grander estates can be seen along the bottom of the hills.

A single horse track extends from the wood to a much wider river to the south.. Looking back to the north, the wood is much darker and foreboding than you expected. Perhaps it’s just contrasted by this sleepy settlement.
Before any buildings, you’ll pass a low crumbling stone wall; stands ~4’ tall. This stretches from hill to hill and must have offered some protection when it was built, ages ago.

Hunter’s Hall
This long building is made of ancient timbers and decorated with antlers above the doorways.
Inside, the walls are adorned with hunting trophies, boar and stag heads. A long table dominates the center common room and an enormous fireplace comprises nearly the entire back wall.
Over the mantle hangs an old Longbow.

This is the home of Fregia Palon. The Lodge also houses 4 of the towns other hunters who supply most of the game for 200 people; a full time job.
These 5 do not trust Tavlo Maladov since he banished Leigos.
The Long Bow is an Elven +20magic weapon that also reloads 30%Act faster than normal. The Hunters don’t know it’s history or if it has any magical properties but treat it as an honored weapon.
So far, only the hunters are immune to the dommination that Tavlo Maladov has over the town. They believe he was the one who helped Maladov, the Elder along to his final rest. Then the Tavlo, cold as a snake, framed Leigos for their dad’s death and used the old woman (although she is very grumpy.. and old.. and ugly) as a final stroke in his master plan to aquire the largest winery for himself!

Davnos Kaldigar’s Shop
This building has a large awning over the main door and many tables are aranged with simple items that a town of 200 people may need. The are ropes of various sizes and lengths, traps and cages for small game, an assortment of decent leather goods- backpacks, haversacks, etc, and plenty of wineskins.
Inside, the shop is fully stocked with more rare equipment and customers may be able to find most normal items, except rare weapons, or magic items. There are a few Herbs oon the shelves, but Davnos is unaware of their properties. This won’t prevent him from negotiating a higher price than expected if anyone shows great interes. Of some interest are a few bolts of very fine silk.

Maladov Family Winery
This stone building must be a small fortress or keep. It and the outlying buildings are surrounded by a stone wall (in much better repair than the ruin around town) and even has it’s own battlements. The largest winery in town is home, warehouse and production facility for the Maladov family winery.

Dancing Dog Inn
A large mastif with front paws in the air is painted on a sign over a thick, wooded door.
Inside, the common room is lively with conversation, games of darts, dice and drinking. No one shy’s away from others, or hides in shadowy corners here. A long, tall table serves as bar.
The common room is clean from rafters to floor and a good dozen men and women are enjoying themselves with their favorite red wines.
Winlos Forgar is the proprietor and has a good chance to know of any rumor within 3 days travel; any direction.
Garth Balkoni leader for 4 other rivermen, all staying at the ‘Dog. He is a mountain of a man and may be interest and suspicious of strangers. Apparently friendly, he will inquire of the parties travels and learn what he can about why the’re in town.
Garth may reveal that the rivermen are awaiting a merchant, Handel Othlek. He was supposed to meet the group 2 days ago to purchase a shipment of wine and hire the rivermen to barge it to the next town, where he’d sale it for a hefty profit.
It isn’t unusual for Handel to be late, or even a day late. He has never been this late before, however. These men are loyal to the merchant and will aid in any search for him or his wagon. The rivermen do want to get paid, but won’t risk their lives on any “adventure”.

1. A small village of halflings are thought to have originally settled this area and their ghosts are causing trouble for the “big folk” in the woods.

2. Local animals have been dissapearing over the past 3 months. Starting with piglets, lambs and working up to chichens and now small dogs. In the past month, 7 children of the village have dissapeared while at play. Tracks vanish in the woods and searches yield nothing.

3. Hunters report that the Wine Wood is shrouded in a grey fog and sometimes is dark even in the middle of the day. Trees are said to move and block trails. Birds are no longer heard in the woods and smaller game, once plentiful, is becoming more scarce.

4. Last week, a woman dissapeared while in the woods alone while trying to find her missing son. The townsfolk had looked for days but only found a small toy bow that the youth was known to have.

5. A group of rivermen arrived days ago inquiring about a merchant they were supposed to meet here in town. The merchant had employed these men to load wine in his wagon and send a shipment by barge on to the next town. He hasn’t been seen in town yet and the bargemen hope that he hasn’t become vistum to the ‘Winewood’.

6. The villagers of Kardovan aren’t warlike or experienced in combat, but some have started to train with what weapons they have at hand. The Wine Lords have talked of sponsoring a militia to stop the disappearances.
Although barges are considered safe, no one is willing to travel the road through the woods right now.

7. An old crone lives on the outskirts of town. She must be responsible for the missing people and animals. She is an old woman who never is seen during the day. The woman always wears black and has been known to curse those that cross her path.

8. Leigos Maladov was banished by his brother, Tavlo, months ago after the sudden death of their father. He was known to frquent the woods and was always going on about nature and medicinal plants. He must have poisoned his dad to try to keep the family fortune. His brother was to be next! He was also seen witht the old crone. His brother didn’t have to make much of a case to have him run out of town.

Game XI (10/24/10)
Last Game….
Party explored Kardavan a bit, re-provisioned and met merchants at the tavern. Questioned about their origins by a barge captain, the party engendered distrust and was attacked by the man. Suddenly, an enormous grizzly bear barrels through the tavern door and cuts the barge man in two. The patrons start a chorus of “witch” and our party help incite a riot which marched towards the crone’s house, just outside of town.
The Mystic sees a hunched figure slipping out the back and moves to assist.

While all of this is happening.. our crazy Mage was flying in broad daylight above a town which we now know to have “witch problems”. Traveling with elementals and commanding them to pull children below the earth. He kidnapped 2 kids who were fishing by the river and flew them into the woods. Once there he threatened them and cast Silence on another, sending him into the wild.

The party regroups eventually in the dark woods, about the same place they left hours before. They nearly fought amongst themselves on whether the crone was a good witch or a bad witch. She did seem to cast spells but it might have been to protect herself from the party.
The Mystic tackles her, perhaps to shield her from another PC, when she (tries a Hollow Fireball and gives herself) has a stroke!
(She is now -50 to all actions and can’t focus enough to cast spells for a while..)

During interrogation, the PC’s learn that the younger Tavlo Maldov brother had a falling out with his older sibling, Leigos, sometime around their father’s death. Tavlo claimed the family vineyards and winery and the other was banished from town.
The nearly nude and restrained crone, Valgavia Rogatha, lying on the ground at your feet, said that he was her apprentice. They also learned that the apprentice did have a small winged scaly pet… He lives outside of town in a tree a few hundred yards deeper into the dark woods.

The Party has cleansed the old tree of it’s inhabitants. They were rewarded with a +15 heavy crossbow, a large supply of spider venom and ‘stabilized’ (Jars with metal lids) spider silk along with other minor magical items.

Path to learning:
The group finds a map! The path leads to a large stone structure of some sort; perhaps even a castle. The poor old woman and her protegee traveled here ~1/mth for training and orders. The map has notations for orc patrols picking up wine shipments at regular intervals. The wine is shipped out on barges for 2 days down river. The large casks are unloaded and left without guards. The wine is not there when the bargemen return.

The only information detailing who receives the wine shipments are the word Orcs and a symbol of a red skull.

Other paths and trails are noted on the map. There seems to be a sort of code scribbled about each of them.

The Town:
The town folk believe that they have burnt the witch to the ground, along with her hut. Some people believe it was a just act and are now free from a great menace. Others are afraid that they have become a menace and would love a few strangers on which to pin the blame.

The witch and her student had been traveling an erratic path. They kept up back trails and false camps, just in case they were followed by other people in town. They also leave a few days before the harvest barges down stream to ensure the arrive on time.
At the first “X” on the map, the pair turn and start heading to the fish symbol.They wait until the orcs have confiscated the shipment and follow them back to the keep. Although the orcs are under orders to not harm the two travelers, Brother Moldavoy is still uncomfortable with them around. Two days traveling with the caravan brings them to a ruined fort.

The Keep:
Even the elders of Kardavan don’t know the location of this keep nor who had it built. The stone structure is at least 50 years old and has changed hands under 2 different wars.
Clerics of Iuz have over-run the Keep but most occupants are unaware of the change in rulers.

The Gnolls:

Orc Patrol:
Creature Size Lvl Hits AT Spd Attacks Special
Troll L 7 150 11(20) F 90LgClw60/50LgBi40 Regen 3hit/rnd. 2Consec. LgCl then 80LgBi

Orc M 3 45 1(10) M 35Wpn85/25SmBsh15
Fighter M 6 75 1(10) M 60Wpn85/30SmBsh15
Commander L 10 110 1(10) F 90Wpn95/40MBsh5

Party escorted wine barge down river. Group hid and waited for “someone” to show and collect the goods. 2 wagons of 3 ghouls each arrived and began loading the wine onto their flatbed wagons.
Our Cleric Repelled the lot and their undead horses.

Party now has the wine shipment loaded onto 2 wagons. They believe ~8 hrs travel will take them to the Keep.
The group has no way to pull the wagons, at this time.

Next Game: 1/16/11
Detail the Keep. Iuz has overtaken the Keep on the Boarderlands and is using it to move troops and supplies.
Some of the Keep members are Charmed but most are in the thrall of the Old One.

They are using the Caves of Chaos to house humanoids in His service.
Not all of the Cave’s denizens are under his sway. A few tribes of monsters hold out, still.

Proposed new magic system!!
Spell are learned by List and cast according to modified SCSM Chart Player Handout. Compare the Ranks in that List to the Level of Spell being cast. Then read across for the correct “Instant/Rounds of Spell Prep” for that spell.
Remember that a spell can be “rushed” by subtracting up to 20 on SCSM and add the same amount to Initiative. Spells can also be cast more precisely by subtracting up to 20 on Initiative and adding the same amount to the SCSM (This means a spell will always have +20 SCSM if cast out of combat).

Spells that have a “/lvl” in the description will be based on Character Level. Each “/lvl” increment after the first must be purchased with PP. IF a 5th lvl Mage casts a spell that has a duration of 1 rnd/lvl, then the spell lasts 1 rnd. The mage may decide to spend additional PP to increase the duration; up to 4 more PP mx, for 5th lvl.

Spells that have been scaled in this manner receive the additional PP as a bonus on the SCSM table. Spells that are Failed, will receive the PP as a penalty to the Spell Failure Table. (cf casting in armor).

Djinn, Aton Ra and Aru follow the night time trail to the Keep, on the boarder of the Vesve. The journey takes ~8 hrs, but they find a half-way point; a stone circle. The stones radiate power and the location allowed 2x PP for rest.

The trail turns into a road on leaving the woods and leads to the Keep. Our party scaled the walls (~5AM) and entered the Inn of the One-eyed Cat through the thatch roof. Dropping into a common room, they assaulted a sleeping guard and killed 2 others.
Djinn cast Charm Kind on the guard and convinced him that the other 2 guards were attacking. Djinn fled the keep with his new found friend.

Meanwhile, Aru flew over the main Fortress and cast Presence 20’ rad until he found targets to Choke. His Choke was successful for 3 rnds until his target could evade the area. Shortly thereafter, 4 armed men and a stout Lizardman burst through the main door and into the courtyard. Aru smartly, hid behind the wall.

Next, Djinn and Aton Ra went back to the Inn and made it appear that Djinn’s new friend had attacked the other 2 guards and fled. Aru teleported the guard to safety in Qualsten and Djinn gave him a bar of Furyondy silver to start a new life.

The party learned a good deal of info from the guard. This man was appointed to “daywatch” after a promotion and never watched the wine unload. His broach was a commendation and he was to wear it whenever on duty. New elves in the keep were a rare sight. Caravans hadn’t stopped this way for months. Also, he didn’t trust the Locksmith, Mouse nor the Captain of the guard. The Master of the Guildhouse was a good tipper.

(many skipped sessions)

Last Game:
The party was able to assist the woodsman and his 2 young daughters who had been attacked by orcs and skullspiders.
Trying to find help from the Beeman only led to scrounging some Herbs. Guess spell from Djinn was able to help apply the remedy.
Toad’s Glove: Poison Cure; this cured the girls.
Viper’s Bane: Snake bite poison
Balak: Sets broken bones
Alaak: May restore sight

The group made it back to the Keep, but found that it was overrun with orcs (they saw the war band traveling on the road- they had some torches which led the party to believe the orcs weren’t acting alone).
After Djinn summoned a heavy fog to cover the area, the party went into the streets, to fight the orcs.
6 rounds later and the fog instantly clears (dispelled by a goblin mage in the gate tower). Before the fog cleared, the party heard a low gong. He used a Gong of Dispelling Essence.
Atton Ra is in the tower with the mage, who just missed with a firebolt.

On round 7, 5 orcs chased a stunned Djinn around the corner (-50, can’t attack) and @ 50%Act.
Creature Size Lvl Mv Hits AT Spd Attacks Special
Fighter (x4) M 6 60 75 13(10) M 80Wpn85/60sbow15 -10 MM chain shirts
Squad Leader M 10 70 110 14(10) M 90Wpn90/70xbow10 -15 MM chain shirt & greaves

Declared actions: The orcs will spend 10%Act running up to Djinn and then attack with heavy iron swords (+5q). 60/20=55/15 after move.

((GM suggestion: Djinn, go full parry.))

There are 40 orcs in the keep. This is a semi regular stop when they’re in the area. The locals have adopted a strategy of pulling back to the inner keep and allowing the orcs to do as they will. The creatures are under order against raising the buildings, as the populace do provide information and some supplies to the orcs.
The priest has gone to the Beeman to seek his guidance. They dare not oppose the will of Iuz, even though they don’t openly serve the Old One. The humans are prisoners of their own defense. There were a handful of elves stationed here, but couldn’t stomach the orcs, so the humans had them killed. The priest suspects as much but still believes his congregation can be redeemed, if they can survive their house guests.
Normally, the orcs move on after a few days of enjoying the supplies provided.

The Bailey, is in talks with a representative from the Lizardmen, to try and find a way out of their agreement. The humans don’t want to abandon their home and are ashamed of the situation.

Iuz did have a few minders stationed here, to cull any dissension, but the party has already killed the 3 clerics.
The orcs haven’t had any opposition to the arrangement, and the party has caught them with their guard down.

Last Game:
Rau laid multiple Stuncloud effects by the inner gate to the Bailey.
His Weak Air Elemental has cleared out the far tower; left of main gate.

It looks like the Chaplin, the Bee Man, and a contingent of troops are approaching the main gate.
The troops are mixed human and lizard man.

The drawbridge has just been lowered; this took 3 rounds.

Lizard Man 3C 50 FSpt/10 SL/MD M/- 60F 11(25s) 65Melee/50Missile/60MBa(tail)

Creatures Size Lvl Hits AT Spd Attacks Special
Mind Flayer M/@ 10F 75D 1(20) 50×3(30) 30SGr«40SPi Mentalism spells
Mental Control Assault/Defense is Everyman.

1) Mental Assault- Add Ranks in skill to BAR for “m” type spells.
2) Mental Defense- Add skill bonus to RR vs “m” type spells.
Note: 0%Act- Transfer Ranks from Mental Defense to Mental Assault. This lowers Mental Defense -5/Rank.
Transfer Mental Assault Ranks to Mental Defense. This raises Mental Defense +5/Rank.

Last game (8/28/11) The party in their makeshift raft (and flying) had overcome an advanced drow scout floatdisk and 2 charmed guards.
After the battle, they obtained drow manufactured items that will crumble when taken above ground.
Spidersilk shirt that is AT13 vs physical blows and AT1 vs magic attacks.
Weapons of drow make (incredibly sharp).
Belt of Fly III

The party had found a circular hole in the ceiling of the cavern that matches the proportions of the floatdisk, approx. 60ft above.
The game ended with the floatdisk rising up to the opening.

This is how the advance scouts enter/leave the trade road. Larger transports actually submerge and come up through the water to dock at the old temple complex where the PC’s entered the cavern and encountered the watcher in the water.

Float Disk:
The floatdisk aperture opens into a large cave, dry but much smaller than the river cavern.
This is where small patrols and caravan guides direct troops to the surface world.
In an alcove just beyond the round doorway, are 6 Shriekers and 4 Violet Fungi. The drow guard had a house insignia that quieted the shriekers and knew to avoid the stinging barbs of the purple mushrooms.

Creatures Size Lvl Hits AT Spd Attacks Special
(Violet Fungi) Spinewood S-M 2A 20A 3(20) 10 40St Circ Poison
Brushing against the fibers of this mushroom results in a burning rash depending on RR. 5E Circ poison. RR failed by 1-25 = -50 to all maneuvers. Failure by 26-50 yields convulsions. Failure by 51-100 = Blindness. Failure by 101+ = death.

Mind Flayer M/@ 10F 75D 1(20) 50×3(30) 30SGr«40SPi Mentalism spells
(Did not use. Substituted gnomes.)
5 Shrieker S-M 3A 20A 3 Slow(-4) Sudden Sound Sphere, 20’ rad, Stun 1 rnd/5 fail RR

The shriekers were alarmed after Jinn tried to cut off a piece from the glowing fungus. They were able to shriek for 6 rnds!
During this time, an orc patrol (heavily armed with larger eyes than the party has seen before) could be heard running in from the large passage from the room. Jinn had cut a hole in the floor with stone to earth and then earth to mud. Rau’s Air Elemental killed many and then he summoned a Light Elemental. This flew down the tunnel and he doesn’t know what happened. He is sure that it killed many orcs. This was easily another 8 rnds.

On a whim, the group then followed the Mage’s advice (!) and went back down the Floatdisk and back toward the dock. They got halfway (~10 min) there and Jinn noticed a very large creature coming up from below the floatdisk. Before it could surface the water, Jinn’s awareness gave him 2 rnds warning. He told the group and cast confusion on the creature and the large shape shot off in another direction.
The group then decides to go back to the shrieker cave and encounters a drow patrol! They come out of hiding/camouflage and begin attacking the party with 5H Circ Sleep Poison Darts (Extreme Mx). Since everyone made their RR, the drow begin casting darkness; 6 Dark I’s cover the party! Rau casts Darkvision on himself. Aton tries to Dash toward the drow and falls down, out for 2 rnds w/10 hits! Eventually, the group is able to kill the drow patrol but with heavy losses.
They gather all of the patrol’s belongings and begin Power Detection after having the Fire Servant burn the drow bodies… Aru suggests staying at this locale 1 hr so that he can Teleport back here in the future.
After a brief rest (about 10 minutes), Aru (w/Sly Ears) hears soft footfalls from the smaller side passage. He signals to Jinn, who follows the sound down the tunnel w/ his Fly III belt (300ft/rnd; 34 mph). The other 2 PC’s are 2 rnds behind.
Jinn is detecting Presence and detects one in the wall. He inspects the locale and jams his spear through, severely damaging whoever is on the other side. He attacks again and then reaches through the illusory rock wall to grab a deep gnome.
With a sudden “Oh, no!” the PC’s race back to the cave fearing the loss of their drow booty. The booty is gone as well as the Floatdisk! (of course!). Deep gnomes had been watching the exchange and when they saw the PC’s leave, they immediately gathered the goods and took the Floatdisk down through the hole. The PC’s fly screaming down the hole just as the disk is hitting the water. There is a Water Bubble surrounding the disk, maintained by a deep gnome w/ 3 other gnomes.
Aru hits the deck and kills the ‘driver’ in one shot as the rest of the PC’s subdue the others. Returning back to the fungus cave, they parlay with their captives.


The party learns that the exceptional drow weapons will corrode if taken above ground and that they were made ~ 2 leagues south. The gnomes need weapons to fight the drow or to use as barter to enlist help from others. They are fighting a losing war and need all the help they can get.
Snirvftnelix is the speaker for his other 2 comrades. He speaks enough Elvish that the PC’s are able to understand most of it. The language is heavily accented and contains drow terms. The others do not speak Elvish/Drow. Snirvftnelix asks permission to aid their injured comrade. With Snertfdalick killed, they are even less powerful as a group.
Our Mage Aru allowed this, but no magic. The gnomes are able to stabilize their injured friend, but he needs more help.
Snirvftnelix tells the party that the drow patrol was a weak scouting party. They likely responded to the shriekers and were alerted by the orcs. The orc village is allowed by the drow in order to guard this seldom used back door.
“The orcs will undoubtedly inform the drow of the breach in security. Even if they don’t, someone will know when the patrol doesn’t check in,” says Snirvftnelix.
He believes the patrol was a young group of neophytes; “because you are still alive”.
If the gnomes are allowed to use magic to help ‘Fertner, their injured comrade, they may be able to give additional info. They still don’t trust the PC’s, having already killed 2 of their brethren.

Creatures Size Lvl Hits AT BMR Spd Attacks Special
Snirvftnelix S 5 50 13(20) 40 (30)Dash 50Pick/60Darts
Fertner S 5 40 13(20) 40 (30)Dash 50Axe/60Darts
Sdnalox S 5 50 13(20) 40 (30)Dash 50Xbow/60Dagger

All deep gnomes have the Undetectable (-30/30RR) talent vs. detection, scrying, locate presence spells as well as Chameleon Skin (10 to +50) Hiding/Camouflage when very still and in a natural underground environment.

Spells: Illusionist Base List- Guises (SL pg94) to their lvl. Svirfneblin generally have 2 PP/lvl, racial bonus.
3-Facade I
5-Displacement I

Some higher lvl deep gnomes can attempt a Magical Ritual to summon an Earth Elemental; Grognor. If they appease the creature with precious gems, it will always cooperate and never attack the summoner.
The gnomes were on a scouting mission and wanted to take the drow equipment back to their hideout. They planned to take the underwater tunnel to the orc village and sneak back to their camp. (Not their den which lies 2 sleep cycles away.) They will not give up the location of their Den Warren until they trust the PC’s. This could be accomplished by helping them return to their hideout camp. Killing their leader has not helped to earn that trust.
They are encamped in a side passage the orcs seldom use. Illusions and well timed distractions have protected them so far.

(The smaller passageway from the backdoor cave, leads to a way stop for drow patrols that are in the wilds. The youths that were killed were probably on a hunt, bored with life in the city.)

There is a passage that leads to the dock where ships are loaded and submerge to surface on the underground river. These then unload at the dock, below the temple.
This area has been left alone for decades, but is now being used more frequently.

Small tunnel to Orc camp:
The small tunnel leads to an orc encampment. Around 40 orcs are stationed here, guarding the passage. They are a bit lax on security at the moment. Only recently has anyone been to keep tabs on their patrols. The biggest problem is making sure they don’t raid the surface world and tip their hand. The presence of Iuz orcs on the surface has concerned the drow. The Old One’s patrols are becoming more brazen, attacking local settlements on the surface. It is this very reason a scout was sent to investigate. Also, the drow lost contact with the watcher in the water and need to find out why.
Creature Size Lvl Mv Hits AT Spd Attacks Special
Fighter (x4) M 6 60 75 13(10) M 80Wpn85/60sbow15 -10 MM chain shirts
Squad Leader M 10 70 110 14(10) M 90Wpn90/70xbow10 -15 MM chain shirt & greaves

The noise of the party’s actions has alerted the encampment. They have sent 3 runners to the closest Drow guards. These messengers have been waylaid by giant
s under control of a Drider. He evaded the Drow neophytes and is quietly watching the passage.

Creature Size Lvl Mv Init Hits AT Attacks Special
Drider L/M 7B 65 Fspt (10) +8 120D 4(30s) 90 Melee/90 Missile 4B Muscle/6A Reduction
Spider, Gr M/I 8F 80 Spt (20) +8 160F 4(40) 70 LPi/75 LSti 4B Muscle/6A Reduction

Drider is a 6th lvl Sorcerer. Seclrid is extremely upset that his most highly trained spider has been killed. He will set traps and stalk the PC’s, if possible.
Drow sleep poison:15B Circ. With Mild results max and RR vs 15th lvl Sleep. Considered a manufactured “Herb Poison”.

60% of Driders are priests of Loth. The other 40% are Essence casters (Magician, Sorcerer, Runemage). Once the drow attain a certain level, Loth calls them to be tested. Some are returned as Driders. It is assumed that they failed. All driders will still retain their Priest or Essence casting ability but, are ostracized from drow society and are often driven mad by the transformation.

Last game, our 9th lvl party find themselves in deep underground labyrinthine tunnels, naturally.
Purposefully hanging back 45ft from the others, our Mage was jumped by a greater spider from above. Seeing a group of tough looking prey, the beast waited until the weaker member lagged behind. During the scuffle, the Greater Spider dropped an item. Created from a gnome skull, rubies and spiderweb/magic, this item can cast Stun Relief III, 3/day. It is necromantic and of Evil.

The Mage did fairly well against the greater spider and had the beast retreating back into the ceiling. Without a word to the others he is up the chute. The hanging tunnel is wide enough for the others to just drop the spider and not hit the brazen Mage. “Let us know when you need help, next time,” says the party..

Before he can see where the spider lives, he has lost surprise, init and taken 3 crits from the babies.
He is now…
1. Blinded by blood in his eyes from 3 bleeder (-40), stun x parry/3rnds. (Light wound)
2. Carotid artery AND jugular vein severed, breaking foe’s neck, dead in 6. (Medium wound, -40)
3. At a loss for words, +1 rnd stun.

Believe it or not, he makes all 3 poison RR’s.
Round 1> He casts a Spell Mastered Longdoor, laying flat on the ground back with the group. Stun Relief III handles the first crit’s stun and he eats the penalty on the 3rd crit stun.
Round 2> Cut Repair III takes care of the 3 bleeder.
Round 3> Spell Mastered (x2) Vein/Artery Repair fixes the carotid artery and jug.
Round 4> The guy casts a Teleport X to move the entire party, including familars and bonded animals, back to their safe house and himself laying flat in bed.
Round 5> The party begins digging through their packs for a prepared Shatter Repair Herb to heal the broken neck.
Hence forth, Stun prevents spellcasting except for Stun Relief.

The party’s Floatdisk is on the roof of their house. 10’/rnd 100hits, opaque, 10’ diam.
The keep’s Priest of Light can be summoned and he may be able to help. He can not cast Major Fracture Repair to heal the Mage’s broken neck, as he only knows Bone Law to 4th lvl. 1) Bone Lore, 3)Minor Fracture, 4)Cartilage Repair. Any time a more serious bone injury happens, he tries to set the bone or contacts the Bee Man. It could take 3-5 days for the Animist to arrive.
Rau has a -40 from Nerve Damage that will take time/magic to heal.

Giver everyone something to do. They need a purpose.

Why should they go back into the underdark?
How does this relate to Iuz?

Ekrahm’s Tale:
Unknown to but a few selected Lords, Iggwilv, mother of Iuz, traveled with the Company of 7 under the disguise of Tasha.
This group consisted of Zagig (Master Wizard), Myrlund (Paladin of Heroneous), Keoghtum (Bard of Essence), Nystul (Illusionist/Alchemist), Heward (Bard of Channeling) and Quaal (Master Flan Ranger/Apprentice Mage). Tasha posed as a young apprentice Wizard and adventured with the party for some time.
Tasha (Natasha, Tasha) was adopted and trained by Baba Yaga and became Natasha the Dark and is at least several hundred years old.
Tasha was able to imprison the Demon Lord Grazzt in 460 CY and seduced/forced him to sire her a son, Iuz. The Demon Lord escaped in 490 CY and has bore Iuz little love ever since. Graz’zt is currently embroiled in a power struggle with Pazuzu (ie. The Exorcist) to control hell. Because of this, Iuz doesn’t have the free access to demons that he would like and has made a deal with another Power.
He presently has a lose alliance with Lolth and she is allowing him some access to her demonic power. Although the Forces of Light are unaware of theses limitations, Iuz is entertaining ambassadors of the Demon Queen to help relations among their followers. Iuz has forbidden anyone from translocating within 10 miles of his City Of Skulls. Elclavdra, Priestess of Lolth has been given permission to construct a Teleportal to Dorakaa . There she plays a delicate role as ambassador for her Goddess.
If someone could destroy this Portal, it would cause at least some hindrance to the Iuz war effort.

If the PC’s decide not to venture back underground, what will they do?
The talks with Lizard men are going well. The reptiles are able to trade Herbs to the keep in exchange for security. They will team with the humans to eradicate giant spiders in the area.

If they follow the smaller passage, they will encounter an angry sorcerer drider and then 3 miles of tunnels until they reach a back passage to the drow city. The tunnel is constantly descending with variable ceiling height from 10 to 30 feet, multiple drops to deep ravines and likely wandering monsters. Temperatures are cold throughout the tunnel and the sound of running water is constant.

Creature Size Lvl Mv Init Hits AT Attacks Special
Drow Guard M 5B 65 Fspt (10) +8 120D 4(30s) 90 Melee/90 Missile 4B Muscle/6A Reduction
Drider M/I 8F 80 Spt (20) +8 160F 4(40) 70 LPi/75 LSti 4B Muscle/6A Reduction
Spider, Gr M/I 8F 80 Spt (20) +8 160F 4(40) 70 LPi/75 LSti 4B Muscle/6A Reduction

Last game (11/2011) the PC’s were (again) ambushed by a giant Spider and his Sorcerer Drider handler. Andy sent his Air Elemental up the spider’s tunnel, but this time the Drider was prepared. The Elemental was caught in a Circle of Containment and each time it tried to leave, it took a B Impact crit. Next Andy sent his Light Elemental which totally pasted the remaining spiders and ruined most of the loot!
Till’s basket case Fighter severed the Drider’s spine in 2 hits (!). The PC’s recovered the Drider’s Bow (Short Bow; normal attack but Acid crits. May only be fired 1/rnd, 60%Act.)
Bob recovered 2 potions (Strength II, 15th lvl, Shadow Soot +25- +75 S&H 15th lvl) and the rest of the party found a few rubies. Any other treasures were destroyed by the Light Elemental.
GM Notes:
The deeper the party travels and the closer they get to the source of Drow Radiation, the less reliable Teleport becomes. Currently it is off by 3d10 feet. Teleports don’t work inside the Drow Cavern or the City. Alternately, the spell could receive increasing penalties to SCSM, stun effects, etc.

Creature Size Lvl Mv Init Hits AT Attacks Special
Succubus (II-IV) M/- 12G 80 Dash/10 +4 140F 3(50) 100We All Mentalist Base Lists
Vampire, Lesser (IV) M/II# 10H 120 Dash/30 +16 110E 1(100) 90We(Cold)/70MBi/Special/Spells
Rats S 0A 20 Dash/10 +4 10B 1(30) 20TBi100/20SBi (6) Disease (Bubonic)
Bats Ti 0A 50 FS/40 +12 5A 1(60) 10tTBi100/20SBi(6) Disease (Rabies)

Succubus/Incubus- Silussa can shapechange (5-14’ tall w/hooves), can’t be summoned, all Ment Base Lists 13PP/lvl, Mist form (50’, AT1, stand form: Flight 100’/rnd. Fantastically beautiful. 156PP. +13/lvl >12.
Spell Lists: Mind Attack, Mind Control, Mind Merge, Mind Speech, Presence, Sense Control.

Belgos- D10+20 Bite + 2-4 Con Drain (-15RR)/ = Cold Crit. Evil Mentalism 10PP/lvl/ Magic and Silver to hit. Only F and E spells affect vampires. Sunlight = E crit/rnd. Utterlight = D crit/rnd. 100PP + 10PP/lvl.
Ring of Signs: Communicate simple ideas with Sign Lang . Keyed to only work for Mentalism, command words for each in Deep Gnome; ring will adjust slightly to accommodate different sizes.
St +10 Qu +16 Pr +9 In +9 Em +9 Co +8 Ag +8 SD +9 Me +9 Re +9
Spell Lists: Mind Death, Mind Disease, Mind Domination, Mind Erosion, Mind Illusions, Mind Subversion
All Lists to 10th lvl.
Drow Powers: He still retains innate Drow magic abilities of Darkness, Know Alignment, Faerie Fire, Levitate, Detect Power.

If Silussa is seriously injured, Belgos will likely go Berserk; x2 damage, double hit points, +30 OB, but no spells.

As soon as the party intends to take a hostile action, 60 bats will cloud the cave obscuring vision, flying from crevices in the ceiling. This will provide partial cover to the demonic couple and cause a penalty to all of the PC’s maneuvers (-20 OB, MM, etc)
Basic Directed Area
FACTOR Melee Missile Spells Spells Spells Special
Partial Soft Cover 10 20 0 20 20 May parry melee & missile attacks.

As the bats swarm, giant rats will attack the party. 40 rats will crawl out of hiding and attack. Each PC will be attacked by 6 Rats; 20SBi collectively/PC.
Begin Descriptive text:
You travel for ½ mile in the underdark. The cavern ceiling ranges from 12 to 20 feet and can drop off to 10 to 30 ft. As you peer down the tunnel, you can see a pale glow ahead.
120ft down the passage, the glow becomes a soft white light. A large (60×30×20 tall) cavern is illuminated by glowing crystals in the ceiling and walls with pale blue glowing fungi in the corners. There is a tunnel (approx 10×10) across the room, leading to what you think is the NW.
(Very Hard (-20) Awareness Senses: Hearing) There is a very faint sound of glass breaking or maybe ice cracking coming from the crystals and perhaps the soft call of songbirds, but you can’t see them.
(Easy (+30) Awareness Senses: Smell) You smell something strong and musky although not unpleasant. Death and flowers.

Carved steps lead down to a stone pool (12ft diam and 5ft deep). The water seems clear and reflects some of the glow around the room.
Crystal formations resembling a grove of trees grow from the far wall. There is a beautiful but crubling stature of a nude (human) female reaching out a hand as if to pluck a crystal rose from a vine.
(Hard Awareness Senses: Sight/Very Hard Alertness) The statue has been carved to be slightly biting her lip, adding to her beauty. She isn’t actually biting her lip; her teeth are fine points and protrude slightly from her mouth.
You notice a small 6×6 rock island in the center of the pool.
The island has a secret door in the floor. (Very Hard Observation/ Sheer Folly Alertness) If opened, a flight of stairs (16) can be seen, twisting down.
The stairs lead to a 16×14ft room. It is richly furnished with rugs, tapestries and erotic sculptures. A beautiful couch is against the far wall and a large bed is in the center of the room. There are several dark niches lining the walls.
There are 2 chest in the dark niches.
A) Oil of Flattening is in a stoppered bottle; 3 applications.
B) Cloak of Contact Venom- Wearer must RR vs 20th lvl Nerve Poison. If the wearer makes the RR, the cloak provides Poison Lore (+25) and Poison Resistance (gives another RR), each 2x/day. Mentalism; Keyed to Magents. They don’t have to Attune.

  1. 2
    C) 10th lvl Rune; Essence Shield, Open Mentalism.
    D) Vial of Cut Repair I powder. (Mentalism, this is powdered Vampire blood. Each use will earn 1 Corruption Point. The vial contains 6 applications.)
    E) Belgos is wearing a Drow House Broach (Fungi) that will allow one person to enter the city/pass the Tower.

Last Game: 12/18/11
“It’s probably not a fox in heat.” Jinn the Noseless.
Deep in the underdark, the group notices a dim glow from a side passage in the tunnel ahead.
The Mystic, Jinn, sends his fox Familiar as an invisible advance scout.
‘Fox’ reports back that he hears tasty songbirds, sees a crumbling female statue near a pool of clear water and smells a she-fox in estrus. Motivated more by his bond with Jinn than natural urges, he hides and waits for further instructions.
Jinn tells everyone that they should take the other fork, ignoring this path [u]at all costs[/u], but relays what Fox experienced. The rest of the group are intrigued by the strange description and the Monk and Mage go check it out.
Cautiously approaching the statue, they fail 2 RR’s each (they were cautious and slowly creeping along) and are Charmed by a crafty Succubus. The demon is able to convince the two that Jinn has always been greedy and out to get them from the moment they got together.
“Remember that bear Jinn killed in the forest (4 levels ago)and didn’t give you an equal share of the meat?” The Mystic was the only one low on food and sick of dried rations. I let them him know that too much dried food and little water can be uncomfortable without… salve. Everyone else was good on water; Jinn, being a Mystic, used most of his for Waterbolts. “There’s a creek around here somewhere and I’m not wasting PP to Condense Water.”
“Don’t forget the time he didn’t share his Potion of Cut Repair.” The Monk was able to heal himself after a battle with sickle wielding Priests, but was low on PP. Jinn had a greater need for the potion, but still…
The great part was that the Monk remembered each event vividly and could see how he obviously misunderstood Jinn’s motivations. (An awesome player.) He had already disrobed (very Charmed) but began to run the 140’ back to attack Jinn. “I don’t need clothes to fight!”
The Mage player asked every round if he could try to make another RR. This player is an good guy but has no patience for not being in total control. I let him know that he was Charmed for 150 minutes and each time he asked, the clock would reset. (No, he couldn’t be subject to the same spell twice, but I wanted him to shut up; he finally got the message.)
The Succubus then asked him to use his Elementals and Servants to help protect this new found love. They all turned on Jinn.
To his credit, Jinn was able get init and erect Ice Walls and Whirling Winds to slightly protect himself from the +30 Fireball of an exploding Servant, just as the Succubus’ lover attacked from behind.
With a fantastic Combat Sense roll, he avoided the Vampire’s (!) assault from behind and activated his Belt of Fly III. The Vampire chased him down the passage the PC’s had traveled. Jinn was faster and getting ahead while able to fling a few spells at his pursuer, but just as movement eats up %Act, so did all of his actions while flying. Each spell was slowing him down.
Eventually, he was crippled by a “00” Cold Aura of the Vampire. Now in a month long coma and losing his nose to frostbite the party thought all was lost.
In dire straights, the player asked if he could use Adrenal Stabilization to pass out, wake up later for a few rounds and then go into a month long coma. (Hey, maybe not possible in your games, but I let it slide as we were all excited to see what happened next!) Waking up a day later, he found himself in the Demon’s lair. He had been thrown into a corner, looted and thought dead. Even Vampires won’t feed from a corpse.
With time ticking by, he found another victum of the Demon; a Healer. (This guy was new to the group after a brief hiatus from gaming and actually chose his profession before the game. He had been sitting there patiently for half the session until I could work him into the story.) Although he couldn’t yet regrow a nose, he was able to get the Mystic on his feet and they snuck out. Just as the Monk and Mage are considering their new character options, Jinn was able to Jolt the Succubus (failed her RR miserably) and I ruled that this broke her charm, at least while she was stunned. (Again, maybe not your rules, but it was getting late and everyone was willing to play over. This group wouldn’t meet again for a month and wanted to resolve this encounter… or TPK.)
They found the Mage, almost dead from blood loss and Con drain and was able to get him on his feet. The Monk awoke, walking down a tunnel and wearing a rubied slave collar while pushing a wheel barrel full of mushrooms; the Demon had asked him to trade these in the Drow city. The collar would allow him passage into town.
The party regrouped and took out the Jolted Demoness. Thankfully, her Vampire lover was away on ‘business’.
They now have a way into the Drow city.

Acting as a servitor/slave is a Charmed/Mastered deep gnome. He will obey any command given by the 2 demons.
Creatures Size Lvl Hits AT BMR Spd Attacks Special
Derfnetclix S 7 Ftr(Ment) 65 13(20) 40 (30) Dash 70Xbow/60Dagger Spells
*Replaced with Tom’s Healer

All deep gnomes have the Undetectable (-30/30RR) talent vs. detection, scrying, locate presence spells as well as Chameleon Skin (10 to +50) Hiding/Camouflage when very still and in a natural underground environment.

Spells: Illusionist Base List- Guises (SL pg94) to their lvl. Svirfneblin generally have 2 PP/lvl, racial bonus.
3-Facade I
5-Displacement I

Currently, Derfnetclix is standing motionless against the south wall. It is Very Hard to Notice him and Ext Hard for Alertness. He can pick up his xbow and belt of daggers(4) in 2 rnds and fight on the 3rd. He will be commanded to fight if the demons haven’t defeated the party in 5 rnds. This gnome has been mentally scarred by his captivity and may take time to heal. If the Vampire gets away and even if the PC’s think they have defeated their combatants, the gnome will attack at the most opportune time. He can tell the party that shriekers can’t see and only detect movement. If the PC’s are stealthy, they can sneak past without alarm. (He doesn’t mention that shriekers go dormant if they don’t detect movement after a few days.)

If freed from captivity and allowed to return to his people, he will be able to help the PC’s with maps, supplies and possibly a secret entrance into the Drow city (Darkwater River and the Drow sewers.)

His gnome warren is two sleep cycles away, but the must go through the Drow cave; one of the branching passageways to the far SW.
Having suffered much at their hands, he will refuse to remain in the chamber of demons for more than an hour. He is eager to return home.
If convinced of the PC’s good intent, he could be persuaded to draw a map if given materials. This will take ~ 2 hrs.
The gnome’s map will only detail the bottom half of the Drow Hold and the road leading to Erelhei Cinlu.
Derfnetclix will refuse to Teleport and will advise the PC’s to do the same.

PC’s avoided the fetid smelling passage.
Lair of the Spiders:
Side passage leads off to a small series of caves that contain 6 Giant Spiders.
Creatures Size Lvl Mv Init Hits AT Attacks Special
7 Spider, Gr M/I 8F 80 Spt (20) +8 160F 4(40) 70 LPi/75 LSti 4B Muscle/6A Reduction

Drow check in every month to claim any treasure the spiders have acclumulated.
They are fearful of their demon neighbors and don’t venture far outside the lair.
The only treasure is an ebony statuette of a bloated spider with a vaguely female head; 10 lbs. 6 spider eyes and 2 Drow eyes of red rubies set in gold. The statue provides certain magical Channeling effects. Master Spiders (x5 (-50 RR), Free movement in Webs, Darkvision, Poison Lore +20, Neutralize Poison
The 1st person to touch the idol, RR -30 Poison. Fail = They are the only person that can withstand/control the power of the device and it is far too important to be left behind.

Wand of Change to Kind (2 charges), 15th lvl.

Into the Drow Holds:
Leaving the tunnel, your worn track widens in to a broad road. Following the road, the PC’s find themselves at the bottom of a ravine with walls reaching 50’ or more. The path is fairly straight and continues almost to the tower cliff before branching east and west.

The Drow Hold is lit (barely) by luminous fungi and more of those odd glowing crystals. Amazingly, there are stars overhead! This is provided by careful placement of luminaries matching the night sky from the surface world.
The immense cavern just hangs in the air with no visible supports. The PC’s feel that everything above could come crashing down at any moment.

The air here is thick with rot and animal musk. Over a mile in the distance stands a lone tower. Even from here it looks immense. Sitting atop a 50’ cliff, the tower would have an excellent view for miles around.

You can see odd shadowy forests in the distance.
The shadowy floor of the cavern is partially covered by entire forests of tree-sized mushrooms.
They had advanced down the road, avoiding the Black Tower. Skirting around the mushroom forest, they attempted to fly over the city. Noticing a score of spiders appearing in the air above the city walls, they chose to quickly land and go through the Main Gate. The spiders had some kind of ephemeral web over the buildings in town. The PC’s took this to be a form of magical protection.

Aton Ra is in line to enter the drow city. He’s seen other people either pay their way in or show a sign/amulet for entrance. Almost everyone is given a bright green robe. That is a color out of place; like bright red in a green forest above ground.
He is almost next in line to meet the guards. A Gnome, Mind Flair and even Lizard Men have been allowed passage.

Last Game: (1/15/12)
The party had entered the city, but barely! Everyone was allowed entrance without much trouble except for the Mage. He feigned being afflicted with sickness. The guards realized that any disease affecting elves would be virulent indeed and had a Seer scan the fool. They demanded that all his spells be dropped to get a better reading. After the scan, guards ordered him to follow a summoned glowing trail to the The Spire of the Encyclic. They would “deal” with him..

Jinn stated that he was looking for healing; easily believable.

Bob was selling mushrooms, wearing the Ruby Slave collar. The guards laughed at him, stole some mushrooms and let him pass.

The group met a tiefling who invited them to her parlor and offered to cure Terry. He was given a potion and asked to come back the next day.

Hiding out in an Inn, the group was over-heard arguing by a drow guard. This Noble acted drunk and swaggered towards the exit attempting to get a better reading on his Power Perception maneuver. The group followed him out and broke his neck in the street.
Andy took his invisible body back to his room, found his House Amulet and “00” Attuned..
Realizing he could now Teleport, he began planning a trip home.

GM NOTE: Attuning allowed the House Broach to Presence, Feel, Mind Store, Mind Type and Transfer Mind Store for Andy’s Mage. Realizing that the Presence was not keyed to this Broach, someone sent a Type V demon to investigate. She was also given the transferred Mind Store of his Presence.
Powers of the House Broach:
1. Shield 15th lvl
8. Long Door I 15th lvl
15. Speech III 15th lvl “c” 10’ rad; 6 Lang Ranks
25. Mistform 25min 20 mph (176 MR), virtually invisible (-80), can’t cast spells
30. Word of Returning

(These are the Powers that Andy Attuned. There may be other Powers keyed to specific individuals.)

2 rounds after attuning, a Type V demon appeared, asked “Where is the Mage!” and ran towards the exit. The party miraculously killed her (she failed her combat awareness to detect Till’s Ambush) and stole her weapons and magic items. Another gate began to form, which is when Andy decided to Fly away..

He T-ported back to the keep and has spent 5 hours resting and attuning to the broach. Andy accosted Wilf, the page and scared him off; “Where is Ekrahm?” “Watch me while I sleep!”

The group gathered around the Fountain of Doubt after running away from the opening gate.

What do they do next?
They have hours until Andy tries to T-port back.
Last Game: 2/12/12
Any returned and magically locked on to Jinn’s depleted Necklace of Firebolts. He wasn’t able to go far because the item was stolen (Jinn has 19 in Awareness). This upset Andy a great deal! “Foul!” He soon became followed by 6 drow in Noble Armor; hands on swords and lock-step behind. Most citizens cleared the way with a bow and ‘my Lord’.
Andy transported to a local roof-top, skirting 2 thieves counting loot and soon found the group.

Box Seats:
They traveled to the Colosseum and inquired about Noble House seating; protected area above the commoners. They were directed to Almriv, an influential merchant.
Walking to his 7 story stone tower, the PC’s came across a large bizarre of many tents crowding the building.
Inside were displayed stalls of various baubles. Jinn purchased a Valley Elf slave girl (or so he understood) and the group was told they would find Almriv at the top of the tower.
Directed to a small room across from the entrance, the took an elevator to the top.
A small entryway held an enormously muscled drow guard. Passed heavy purple curtains led to a cluttered room with papers and books, legers and notes stacked to the ceiling.

Test of Amalriv:
They soon met a small halfling with no legs who moved about on a rolling cart.
He wasn’t pleased with Jinn’s offer of a +20SCSM to Fire Law Ring for Noble House seats at the Arena.
He decided to keep the ring upsetting the party. Combat ensued and the halfling and his guard were defeated.
The PC’s were then attacked by 3 Mind Flayers (juveniles who were looking for the Brainstem Rod). The group defeated the Illithid by elemental magic, extreme SM and no small damage to the wooden room (That curiously sits atop a stone tower..)

GM Note: The wooden structure and 2 flesh golems are actually a test designed to determine motivations of surface dwellers. Amalriv is still alive because he is careful who he meets.
He built a wooden room atop his tower because it is cheaper than stone. The papers and piles of notes were important about 200 years ago but now only serve as decoration. Surface dwellers are obvious in the city; the act different than locals, talk with outrageous accents and even smell different. The merchant has many informers and spies throughout the city. Any surface peoples inquiring about business are first sent to the tower’s new addition and any info is relayed to Amalriv by his intelligent golems.
The ring was woefully inadequate for the box seats over 2 weeks and the golem was insulted. He takes his job seriously.

The roof top can be rebuilt and more golems created. As many of the important locals know of his test, it has become a method of entertainment for private viewing. The young mind flayers were there to record events. They also had a secret agenda. They were trying to locate a Mentalist Glass device. The Brainstem Rod allows +20 Directed Spells with Shockbolts and allows casting 4/day. It also can empathically link to the Elder Brain from their home if with in 3 miles. Almriv was informed about their deception and allowed them to find the rod. This further tested the PC’s.
Now he has a better idea with whom he’s dealing.

What does the party do next?

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